Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spyro Cord Organizer + Simple Joys

Clear Sypro cord organizers (Small Php100, Medium Php150)

Please forgive the cables, I know they need major cleaning now *LOL*. I just wanted to show my love for Spyro Cord Organizer, which I got early this year at a stall in The Enterprise Center Makati (too bad though, I can't find them there now). This is really a good buy for me especially that I tend to shove the things inside my bag, this eliminates my problems with tangled cables (at least).

MusicOne was reported to carry this, but not anymore, and I am not sure if Powermac does. I am just happy I have these right now, but worried as to where to find these in case I need replacement. Oh well, let's cross the bridge when we get there. :)

Anyway, another favorite is a pretty pouch from Simple Joys.

Pouch from Simple Joys, Php100

So I am not used to holding my iPhone without the Belkin Ergo Grip (even if it is bulky, it just doesn't feel right without it, LOL). Having said that, I had trouble finding a pouch for it. Good thing I passed by Simple Joys in Megamall and found this (*relieved*), and immediately bought it!! It comes in different designs, but I chose this black pouch with red dainty details. I think it is perfect for my strawberry phone charm-turned-small chain. ♥

Strawberry phone charm from Comic Alley, Php20

Yes, I have a growing love for strawberry stuff and this adds to my collection. Yay!


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