Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ready for Rexona Run 2010 + O2 Optix Breathable Contact Lenses

While my friends are hitting the gym and busy conditioning themselves for our Rexona Run tomorrow, I was asked, "How did you prepare for the run?"

Well, simple. I bought this:

O2Optix, breathable contact lenses, are designed to transmit up to five times more oxygen versus traditional soft contact lenses - for whiter, healthy-looking eyes, no matter how long you wear your lenses each day. They're so breathable you can nap in them or even sleep in them for up to six nights extended wear. --

Come on, I don't want to be caught by Photo Vendo with my glasses again and it's really a hassle to mind your glasses while running! Really.

Well, enough for my excuses. I bought O2Optix after I promise myself not to buy Geo Contact lenses ever again, plus Paulo really swears by it in terms of comfort and convenience, so I have to try it!

CIBA Vision re-launched O2Optix with their "Buy 2, Take 2 Promo", and that's 4 boxes for Php1850 only. Good thing I have a friend with same prescription as mine, -2.25 OU, so each of us took 2 boxes. Thanks Pia!

Sarabia Optical carries O2Optix and I got mine at Greenbelt 1. Promo runs from July 1 to September 30, 2010.

Good night all, I have O2Optix road test tomorrow a.k.a. Rexona Run 2010 and lots of fun afterwards! Enjoy your Sunday too!


  1. sale pla yung sinasabi mo na 1850,. Sa Greenbelt lang ba sale yun?

    Planning to buy ulit. Hassle kasi ang glasses pgtumatakbo kasi napupuno ng pawis. hehe. wala tuloy ako makita.

  2. sale sa lahat ito pero so far sa sarabia and george optical pa lang ako nakakita.. wala sa EO. :D


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