Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First 18K Run

18K cumulative, of course!
Haha, here's a recap of race events I have participated so far..

07-04-2010: 34th Milo Marathon Manila Elims at Km 0
Fun Run at 5K, with official time of uhm, a little over 1 hour.. LOL!

Pose Like a Pro
My running buddies (from L to R): Me, George, Nelson, Paulo

Paulo and me

05-30-2010: RunRio Leg 2 Nature's Valley Race at The Fort
5K, with official time of 43:37

Sporting my Adizero
Here I am, maybe 50 meters to finish line and about to lose consciousness,
but YES I am so proud that I made it to the finish line!

Power Hug
Showing BIG LOVE for our favorite, Century Tuna! (hot and spicy to be exact)

05-15-2010: PSN Bigay Todo sa Pagtakbo at MOA Grounds
our first 5K, with no official results released

Fresh na fresh
Just before the race starts, that explains why we still look fresh here.. ^-^

04:19:2010: Earth Run 2010 at The Fort
3K, as bandit runners with unofficial time of 28 minutes


So why I am into running?
I run because..

I want to stay fit and healthy - CHECK!
My friends are into running as well (peer pressure?!) -CHECK!
I love the feeling of running/spending time with Paulo ♥ - CHECK!
I just want to show my legs.. uhm - CHECK!
It's an enjoyable thing I can do to help - CHECK!
Just because I can.. - CHECK!

Until the next race,


  1. opps, blogger ka na rin. hehe.
    ang galing naman ng blog mo, girly.

  2. haha, free template lang to.. nice ba? saka ko na i-customize pag madami nako posts.. :)


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