Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Artwork Vintage Tee (Lakas Loob)

Ann Jelyn: 'Te puntahan ko si Lola bukas, birthday ko. Regalo ko ha, gusto ko sana damit. *Choosy* Hehe.
Me: Sige basta dalawin mo si Lola dun ha, iwan ko dun gift mo. :)

Brief background: Ann Jelyn is my cousin. She lives alone. She has little to no support from her family. Has big dreams. It's her 20th birthday.

After office, I headed to the mall in search for a gift. I just wanted to find something for her. Do I want it to be special? I was like, "Whatever! It doesn't matter." I just have to find something.

In my mind - UNIQUE, AFFORDABLE, there might be a SALE- ARTWORK! To my surprise, I didn't have a difficult time finding this:

Artwork Vintage Tee, Lakas Loob

Lakas Loob: Tibay ng kalooban, Katapangan, Kawalan ng takot -- COURAGE!

I then imagined Ann Jelyn wearing this shirt, and felt how courageous she was in facing all the challenges in her life now. I find this rather special, this is it! With a smile I said, "Miss, I'll buy this." :)

I hope Ann Jelyn will like it.

~Ann Jelyn, for me this is not just a shirt, but a representation of how you made me proud. At a very young age, you were able to stand and literally live on your own. At times, I envy your independence. You have your own time, your own little space, and you can do things by yourself. I know it's harder than I think or even imagine. At this point, there's nothing you can do about it but to continue to take on the challenge, even enjoy the experiences, and value the lessons you will learn along the way. I am your support and I love you. Happy birthday!~

Ok, nosebleed much?

Artwork Vintage tees are also available in Taas Noo and Sunog Kilay, Php339.



  1. sis, i'm also living independently miles away from home. can you give me that shirt too? :p

  2. hahaha, emo much?! inggit na talaga ako sayo, confEErmed!(confirmed)LOL!

    and im proud of you.. <3


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