Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Umma, The Fort Strip

I know I am too late to post this blog, but I still want to share what Paulo and I had nom about two weeks ago.

Early morning of July 25, we went to the Bonifacio High Street to participate in Yahoo Purple Hunt, trying our luck to get a WeWillDoodle-designed car! At 10AM, after learning that we passed the challenge of “hacking the microsite”, we decided to roam around the open field and visit all the purple kiosks there. Considering that the program will commence at 1PM, Paulo and I had agreed to take our early lunch.

Bonifacio High Street has never been our destination before, and we are so clueless on where to go. We walk, and walk, and then we spotted The Fort Strip. As we enter the establishment, there is one place that really caught my attention, a very small neat space called Umma Korean Restaurant.

There is a sudden urge in me wanting to try the undoubtedly most healthy fermented food in the planet, KIMCHI!

First off, we are served with their on-the-house trio appetizer: kimchi, anchovies, and bean sprouts. I ate kimchi and bean sprouts, but being an ichtyophobic, I let Pau finish my anchovies.

Then we ordered two set meals, Paulo got pork BBQ (Php150), and I had chicken wings (Php150). Both meals are served with iced tea. I am not thrilled about my meal, as I set very high expectations to chicken wings being my default food, and this meal did not capture it. I am also uncertain if Paulo really liked his pork BBQ meal. He let me take a bite of the BBQ and I can say that it can pass! Haha, but I thought that it is a bit too sweet for me. :(

Now, you might think that this noodle soup does not look appetizing in this photo, but I can tell you that it is more than appetizing! Once you open the lid of this golden pot, you’ll feel the warmth and its flavor! I really liked its mild spiciness, as they say, there’s a kick into it! Certainly, this Ramen Noodles (Php130) saved the day!

The Verdict: I think we will most likely return to Umma Restaurant, and for our next visit, I am going to let my taste buds experience their Kimchi Stew! Yum! I hope, however, that in our next visit, no more "Sige itry mo aking banana" song that can unquestionably mess up the ambience!

Oh, check out those cutesy little chairs, parang made for me!
Haha, just love it!
Total Damage: Php430

Umma, The Fort Strip
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
(02) 473-8461


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